Chinese martial arts: taking health as one, taking martial arts as the end, morality as the door

Wudang martial arts has formed a lot of boxing and martial arts in the course of historical development.

However, due to complex historical reasons, some sectarians have a slightly clearer relationship, while others are very clear.

At the same time, there are also some speculative generations. Wen Shaolin’s name is Yun Shaolin. When Wen Wu’s name is known as Yunwu Dang, he fakes the source, nicknames authentic, and also has time.

Therefore, today, we are going to identify whether certain boxing is a Wudang boxing. It is not only to prove from the history of the source, but also to whether the boxing has the universal commonality of Wudang boxing, that is, the characteristics.

With the “ruler” of the Taiji Yoga Show on the Wudang Mountain and the legendary Taoist leader in Hubei, it will not be faked, and it will not be taken seriously.

The characteristics of Wudang martial arts, summarized, can be mainly reflected in the following aspects.

First, to guide Chinese martial arts with reason, originated from the primitive era.

In order to possess food, human beings must fight with the beasts; in order to possess and consolidate the territory, the tribe must fight with the tribe.

The age of fighting is long, people have accumulated some experience for combat practice, which is called martial arts or tactics.

However, the “wu” of martial arts here is different because of the difference between wise and ignorant, and the tendency of stupidity has lost the original meaning of the person who created the “wu” and became the expression of the killing.

The martial arts here, the “skills” of tactics, are always just an empirical thing.

Such as strong wins and weaknesses, fast wins and slows, just wins soft, strong wins and weaknesses, more wins less, big wins and so on.

This kind of “surgery” only makes a fuss about the use of “quantity” and “speed”.

There are still many other martial arts practice still focused on both.

This kind of martial arts, once the enemy sides are evenly matched, because of the “quantity” and “speed” direct resistance, it is difficult to eliminate the enemy, and it is difficult to save themselves.

The birth of Wudang martial arts is not a product of empiricism, but a product of reason.

It represents a trend of the creation of 鈥渟topping the world鈥?as 鈥渨u鈥?by the ancient sages. It originated from Fuxi, Xuan Emperor, Sui, Yi, Laozi and others.

What needs to be distinguished here is that, first, Wudang martial arts is an integral part of Chinese martial arts; second, Wudang martial arts is a great innovation and greatness for Chinese martial arts, rather than an improvement in natural martial arts; third, itIt is preceded by the theory and there is a boxing method.

The theoretical basis of Wudang martial arts is Taoist philosophy.

Taoist philosophy is a part of ancient Chinese philosophers. In order to solve the problem of human existence in the most perfect way, through the relationship between “the sky” (the universe of nature), “the earth” (the earth’s nature), “the person” (the human being represented by the earth)The observational research analyzes the philosophical concept of a unified dialectic of the universe, the world, society, and life.

Taoist philosophy is certainly not a theory created specifically for Taoist boxing.

However, Wudang martial arts created inventions in Taoism, in which Taoist philosophy can be widely used in every field of Taoist survival (Taoism also believes that Taoist philosophy is universally used in any field).

Taoism pays more attention to preserving oneself than the average person, so it must also have defensive techniques.

Therefore, the pros and cons of the popular anti-defense techniques are analyzed, and the Taoist defense technique guided by the Taoist philosophy is very early, and the Wudang Mountain was finally produced by Zhang Sanfeng.

The ontology of Taoist philosophy is “Tao.”

I believe that there is an eternal “Tao” between “Heaven, Earth, and Man”.

It breeds into everything, and it stacks everything.

Its existence is invisible, no beginning and no end; its behavior is to keep the female, invincible; its performance is soft, static, virtual, empty, round, medium, positive, and so on.

These can be Tai Chi, yin and yang, five elements, and gossip.

The basic principles of these philosophy are to guide the Wudang boxing method, and enumerate with other martial arts, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Second, to maintain health as one of China’s Taoism, although its gods, alchemy is full of mystery, but it shows a very clear desire, that is, people must be cultivated in this life, not like BuddhismSuch a serious karma of the afterlife.

Therefore, the most basic principle of Taoist cultivation is to obtain the benefits of health.

Taoism in the Qin and Han dynasties praised the external Dan.

Outer Dan is a golden dan that is smelted with lead, mercury, sulphur and cinnabar as raw materials.

The so-called preliminary Jindan can use the stone to form gold, and the further smelting of Jindan can be taken to the immortal.

However, because the heat of the external smelting is extremely difficult to master, and there are still many secrets, it is rare for those who have succeeded in smelting, but the number of dying is not successful.

Therefore, since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the inner Dan, which claims to cultivate the true spirit of the human body, has flourished.

The Taoist Inner Dan has a method of sitting and retreating, but this method is inherently able to cultivate the effect of the human body. However, if you can’t afford to sit for a long time, it will become self-harming in terms of people’s activities.Or, it can make people live longer, but this long-lived person can’t walk.

And Dan’s family believes that the technique of Nedan must also be combined with static and dynamic. If it is to sit still, the gas of refining will become a lonely gas, lacking vitality.

Therefore, the inner Dan must have to move the road of static work.

The emergence of this method of action has become the embryonic form of boxing and martial arts.

Perhaps, as originally known to me, the “Huaqi Wu Qin Drama”, “Ba Duan Jin”, “Peng Zugong” and so on.

It is highly probable that the originator of Taoism, at that time, had inherited or created a method of healthy exercise at that time, and later developed into the Taijiquan, Li Daozi, Song Dynasty Song Zhongshu, Zhang Sanfeng, etc.Boxing, congenital boxing, etc.

Zhang Sanfeng, a Wudang Taoist priest from the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, set up a group of Wudang Taiji in Dacheng. Later, he formed a form of Wudang inner boxing system including various forms of equipment.

Make it extend the magical martial function from the health body.

But this martial function is derived from the initial guarantee of health function.

For example, Wudang’s inner boxing, regardless of the sword method and the boxing method, is one of the most reasonable ways to adjust the physiological psychology of people. It has the functions of relaxing the muscles, regulating the blood, nourishing the five internal organs, and cultivating the serum.

Even in the martial arts, it is not possible to violate the principle of health care. The method used is 鈥渢o make a lot of money鈥?and 鈥渢o force people to fight鈥?

Therefore, all Wudang martial arts must have health functions, and it is not Wudang martial arts that does not have health and fitness functions.

The Taoist (China) from Wudang specifically said that the Wudang martial arts is extremely prominent in practice. The human body is refined, the spirit, the cultivation of the gods, the refinement of the spirit, the refining of the gods, the refining of the gods.

Pets are three-tone (adjustment, adjustment, and adjustment), and they do not violate the principles of medical hygiene everywhere.

Regardless of the appropriate exercises, the training of the hand, the eye, the body, the law, and the step is highlighted. The inside is outstanding, and the god, the qi, the force, the power, the inner and the outer are both in the middle, positive, flat, and round., loose, quiet, soft, live and repair, anticipation of yin and yang transformation, arc twisted wire, dynamic and static combination, soft and pure, established “to Dantian transport and cultivation as the core, with the meridian qi and blood and fluid flow as the guide to improveThe ordering process of the gonad system function is the focus.

Its practice has reached a certain level, expanding and enhancing people’s life activities, achieving the effect of rickets and longevity, transformation, and rational use of human physiological characteristics, exerting unexpected effects of self-defense and enemies, showing Zhang Sanfeng’s desireLet the world’s heroes prolong life, not the ultimate effect of the end of the martial arts.

Zhang Sanfeng’s “Heroes of the World” is not just a name for the martial arts. It is a nickname for the people of the world, and it contains the heart of the people who save the world.

Third, the use of martial arts as the final study “taking martial arts as the end of the school” is the core of the Wudang boxing ethics.

The underlying principle is rooted in the “Tao” of Taoist philosophers.

For example, the original of the Tao is a turbid body, and there is no contradiction and opposition in the turbidity.

Then, in the social concept of Taoism, people should also be treated with “娴戞祽”, thus creating contradictions and contradictions.

Everyone has to live together, then war is an uncivilized, unethical act.

Therefore, Taoism has always preached the road of peace, the end of the world, and does not advocate the barbaric war.

Convince people, not to force people.

In fact, martial arts are of course regarded as “the end of learning.”

Moreover, in all wars, no matter how the two sides use their skills, they will eventually save themselves and narrow or destroy each other, so they are very resistant.

Even the peace-loving party tries its best to restrain and avoid first, but if the other party commits an insult, it will eventually have to be short-handed to carry out the “quantity” and “speed” battles.

The consequences can be hurt by both sides, or one life and one life. Such a struggle is hurting people.

What Taoism wants is to maintain health, not to hurt, so try to avoid fighting with people, and naturally think of martial arts as “not anxious to learn.”

Well, in this way, since the Taoist health is just a matter of health, why should we create and invent the martial arts boxing method?

This has to make a difference, that is, Taoism always talks about things.

For example, the original of the Tao is a scorpion, there is no contradiction and opposition, which can repeat innate and non-polar.

But things are from nothing, from innate to later, from promise to extreme, and there is an evolutionary process that does not shift from human will.

When the evolution to the day after tomorrow, there is a yin and yang opposition.

According to the image, from two instruments to four images, from four elephants to gossip, such contradictions and oppositions are divided into layers.

According to this principle, the society should be based on the fact that people should be based on good people, but because of the contradictory relationship, there is no good-based in social groups.

You don’t make him, but he wants to commit you; you want to protect the good people, but he wants to harm the good people. What should I do?

In order to “protect the demon,” you must unify him.

Otherwise, what qualifications do you have to be counted as monks, guardians and interpreters?

Therefore, the martial arts boxing method must learn to practice.And to develop the highest skills.

Although “one hundred years are not used”, it is “not forgotten in one day.”

However, Taoist martial arts boxing has always been used in a passive situation.

Therefore, it has produced the starting point of the “post-production” and the principle of “the noble and not expensive”.

And because it never forgets the foundation of health, so in the tactics, it is more about “virtual heart and soul”, “shoulders are soft and female”, “Chong Xia is still retreating”, “static to brake”.

“Tai Chiquan Jie” said: “When the body moves, the heart is quiet, the air must be concentrated, and the gods should be comfortable.

“Tai Chi Chuan” is also awkward: “Tai Chi Chuan does not make his own claim, everywhere from the person, his movements, must be in the direction, then I go with the direction, not a little resistance, so he fell, or fell out, all of them forceToo much too.

“In the battle, it is also the use of force to beat people, that is, how much “quantity” is used by the enemy, “speed”, often this “quantity”, “speed” is returned to the other party.

Therefore, it is also called “the body of the people who ruled their people.”

Therefore, the final study of martial arts is determined by the pair of health and morality of Wudang martial arts.

From this, we can think of it as a matter of judging whether someone’s Wudang Boxing Kungfu is authentic and adding moral standards.

Those who do not speak morality, even if the kung fu is higher, can only be regarded as the evil sect of the Wudang Boxing School, and cannot be called authentic.

Fourth, taking morality as the door to the wind The door wind mentioned here refers to the exegesis of the founding fathers of the Wudang martial arts school.

In the past, Zhang Sanfeng did not know some of the trainings. However, from the commandments of Taoism and the commandments of the folk Wudang family, the terms and contents are different, but the basic principles are unified, that is, as a Wudang martial art.The heirs must be “reinstated” and obey public morals.

It can be polished. In the development of Wudang martial arts after Zhang Sanfeng, each headman made different instructions according to the objective conditions of different historical times and environments.

For example, there are many kinds of instructions in the Taoist door.

Such as “three precepts”: 鐨堜緷鎴?(full body to the road); 鐨堢鎴?(believing thirty-six respects); 鐨堝懡鎴?(subject to the metaphysical master, that is, the bottom-up behavior of life is guided by the instructor)).
Such as “five precepts”: the first can not kill; the second can not eat and drink (including spicy and violent vegetables can not be eaten); the third is not the mouth is wrong; the fourth can not steal; the fifth is not kinky.

Such as “eight precepts”: one must not kill; two can not be sinful; three can not steal; four can not be arrogant; five can not be drunk; six can not sleep (sleep comfortable and comfortable bed); seven can not smear powder;Fans and dances.

Such as “Ten Precepts”: one ring violates the parents’ rebellion and filial piety; the second ring kills the childbirth and intercepts the life; the three rings rebel against the king to murder the home country; the four rings against the prostitutes and other women; the five rings ruin the road to vent their verses;Stop the red dew and the meat is warm and quiet; the seven-border bully Ling Ling is so poor and deprived of money; the Eight Precepts bare three light abandon the old disease; the nine-ring delays the mad swear words; the Ten Commandments are self-made from Willy.

Others still have twelve precepts, twenty-seven rings, one hundred and eighty rings, etc., and most of them have more than 1,200 disciplines.

Apprentices who are guilty of martial arts, of course, cannot pass on their clothes.

Not only that, but those who commit the crimes are rebuked and punishable, and those who are serious are shackled or expelled from the mountains.

Also served in the Taoist prison.

Since the Ming Dynasty, there have been Taoist prisons in Wudang Mountain, which is located in Yuanheguan, which can still be seen today.

When Wudang martial arts flowed into the private sector, some disciplines were obviously added to the traditional ritual content.

Such as the North sent Tai Chi Chuan, since the Yunyou Taoist Chuanshan Wang Zongyue, there have been rumors that there are “four non-passes” as: the risk-free fighters do not pass, the low-profile people do not pass, the greedy and lascivious people do not pass, the light show sellersDo not pass.

“Five non-transmissions” is added to the “four non-passes” and added “bone soft and blunt people do not pass.”

After the “six non-transmissions”, more on the “five non-transmissions”, “additional loyalty is not rumored”, “not benevolent and unjust will not pass” and so on.

In short, no matter how many “no pass”, you can add or delete different content at any time according to the needs of the times and social morality.

There are eight characters in the Wudang family, called “gong, boxing, medicine, equipment, law, wealth, and people, and land.”

The most important “gong” is to talk about merit.

I believe that a person does not have merit, and learning martial arts boxing will only be harmful.

Because if he doesn’t learn, he won’t get the skills, but he can learn a lot of people if he learns skills.

According to reports, the Ziyang real people in the teachings had misrepresented Dan Fa’s non-human beings and suffered three major disasters.

Therefore, the Taoist family has the saying that “the misinformation is unsuccessful.”

Imagine that a person who is not ethical has learned kung fu, or forgot his teacher, or a thief, or a ancestral sergeant, or a family member who succumbs to slaying a house, or slamming a lawsuit to hurt a person.Can you pass on the art to them?

Therefore, the Wudang faction has always been very strict and very secretive.

In the past, when the Wudang faction had to fight with others, they had to have three moves first, and they had to declare beforehand: First, the world is not expensive, and there is no need to fight; second, martial arts is better than death, it is best not to fight;Third, in case of realism, point to the end.

The morality of these Wudang martial arts actually reflects the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.These virtues should at least be subject to the progress of the times and gain new content, but it loves peace and the essence of civilization cannot be changed.

Therefore, today we are going to observe whether a Wudang sentiment is authentic, and it is also a ruler to test it with the doorstep.

Fifth, taking nature as a charm, looking at the various martial arts popular in the society, from the aesthetic point of view, each family has different artistic styles or charms.

Some are like lightning, some are as fierce and thunderous; in short, illness, fast, fierce, fierce, cold, crisp, hard, firm, etc., can sum up the style of each family.

The Wudang method of boxing is known for its softness and softness. It reflects the trend of round, circle and spin.

For example, the palm of the hand is moving along the circle, intertwined with the vertical and horizontal, with the change, the left and right rotation, the style of the brocade; the shape of the boxing “such as the water flow of the curved bend, no hole does not enter”, “its shape is like flash”, the inner rotation back, the potential is like a chainTaijiquan takes the waist as the axis and drives the rounded movements of the limbs and limbs everywhere. The large arc has a small arc, the big round sleeve is small round, and the whole body forms a flat circle, a round circle, a slant circle, an eight-character circle, a cloud circle and so on.

These round movements express a kind of subtle and flexible beauty, and also express an endless vitality and vitality.

Since Wudang martial arts was created by Taoism, the principle of the beauty of its boxing method comes from the Taoist way.

Laozi’s Tao Te Ching has the theory of “human law, earth law, heaven and law, and Taoism.”

This means that the Taoist knows the Tao first from its own understanding, and then from the near and far from the biological, non-biological and the whole nature, from which to seek universal law.

The Tao can reflect the entire natural world of the universe’s macro and micro. However, Taoism is obtained from the entire natural world of the universe’s macro and micro.

From the perspective of “their is nothing, its small and no inner”, the “circle” movement runs through everything: “circle” is the most essential movement of things; “circle” is the eternal theme of nature.

Therefore, since Wudang has used the “Tao” as the guiding martial arts, it will naturally follow the circle of “Tao” to exercise.

This kind of boxing method of Wudang martial arts has inadvertently expressed a simple natural charm.

The most interesting thing is that among the Wudang inner boxing factions, the most famous fists are named after animals.

Such as Xingyiquan in the Eagle Boxing, Snake Boxing, Monkey Boxing, Tiger Boxing, Bear Boxing, etc., such as the dragon-shaped gossip in the palm of the hand, the gossip in the gossip, and the wild horse, black tiger, white stork, Dapeng, white snake in Tai Chi, the name of the Qinglong named, etc.

It seems that this is the bionics of boxing. In fact, the most fundamental thing is the way of exploration – the same change of the natural “circle”.

The so-called life, nothing more than the nature of the creatures in order to adapt to survival, in different ecological environments, gradually created a different round of life behavior, and the boxer found after conversion and borrowed, forming a technique of martial arts.

It is said that Zhang Sanfeng was fighting in the Wudang Mountain in the same year, and he was able to create a long-handed seventy-two style with the purpose of discovering the beauty of nature.

The natural charm of Wudang martial arts is the result of the boxer’s ability to blend the boxing method into nature.

It is possible to achieve a realm of natural charm, which must be consistent with physical pleasure and spiritual enjoyment.

It not only raises the spirit and nourishs the spirit, but also cultivates the spirit of the mind. It not only protects the body and health, but also enjoys the aesthetic enjoyment of a very elegant and civilized.